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Quick moving guide for first timers

So, you've decided to move out of your parents house, or whatever accomodation you happen to inhabit at the moment. You've gotten yourself a decent job, with a good amount of cashflow, and you believe you should be heading off into the real world, and buy yourself a home of your own. It's a big commitment, but a rewarding one which opens up new possiblities in your life. There's a few things to consider first, though;Are you one hundred percent sure?This is the absolute first step. You've got to make sure that you're ready to take on all of the challenges that owning a house presents. Can you not only afford to buy, but can you also sustain all of the regular costs, like the utilities and the mortgage payments? Can you manage the upkeep, too? If the answers to these questions is still a yes, then, and only then should you consider moving out. Even so, make sure it's clear that you have a bedroom somewhere to fall back on. Just if things don't work out.Budget it, then budget some moreRemember what I was saying about costs? Tally up all of the bills that you're likely to run into, and make a month-end estimate. If you feel you can deal with that amount, then let's carry on.Make a note of what your budget is before you start looking for a house or flat, then look over the market. If you find a place that fits your needs perfectly, but that's slightly above your threshold, it doesn't hurt to book a viewing anyway, especially if you want to try your hand at haggling. The asking price is never set in stone, it's just there to act as a bargaining tool. If you've got the price you want, we can deal with the actual moving process.Hiring a moverMake sure you do your research before hiring a moving company. Ask your friends and/or family that mave ever moved house to give you recommendations. If that's not an option, hit the internet or yellow pages, try to find a good one with a nice array of services with a price tag that suits you. Remember to specify what kind of van you need, and if you need help with the packing and the disassembly of larger items – most companies offer these services as standard.Pack everything up carefullyDepending on the amount of items you plan to move, it'll probably be wise to start packing the day before. Use proper moving boxes, packing tape and bubble wrap, and be sure to label each box with the kinds of items that are packed in them. That way, you'll be able to keep track of everything a lot easier. Pack your fragile objects with care, use a liberal amount of bubble wrap and don't pack them with other, heavier objects and they should remain in one piece. Label any boxes they're in as "fragile", to make sure they're lifted and loaded with extra care.And finally, enjoy your new home! If you've took the time to hire a proper moving company, then the process should go off without a hitch, and you can experience what it's like to own your own home. Don't be afraid to ask for assistance once you've left too – if you need help with the washing and drying I'm sure your parents will be up to the task...