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How to Pack and Move the Bedroom

Compared to some other rooms of the house, the bedroom seems like a rather modest and easy room to relocate. This is a place of the house which doesn't usually acquire a lot of clutter, and, if you're ascribe to the minimalist idea of a good bedroom, it is probably the room which contains the least amount of junk and is the least cluttered. That said, without proper planning, the removals and packing of the bedroom can take much longer than they could otherwise. These are some simple suggestions and tips, which you can follow to make the entire packing process much easier. This will free up a lot of time, which you can then use to deal with more complicated tasks around the move.

1.    Start with the smallest items in the room - cosmetics, decorations, small electrical devices. These should be packed as early as possible - a week or so before the date you've set for your move. This way you can get it all out of the way as early as possible. Regarding cosmetics, grooming products and the like, try to throw away as much as possible. There's no need to take up space and waste time packing items that you can simply buy more of upon arrival. If there are some products you simply cannot part with, put these in a hand bag, backpack or some other piece of hand luggage, instead of packing them in boxes.

2.    Small electronics should be packed away into their original boxes along with any accessories and cables that came with them. Try to pack everything as neatly as possible, to make it easier to unpack. The same goes for any lamps and moveable light fixtures.

3.    Next come the wall decorations. In the case of posters, you can simply roll them up and carry them with you. If you have any framed paintings or photos however, these need to be wrapped in paper and bubble wrap and placed into boxes in a way that will prevent them from moving about.

4.    Now comes the time to pack away the sheets and bedding. Remember to wash everything before packing. Fabrics can be stored in boxes, but it would be better to get some vacuum seal bags. That way, you will not only protects your sheets from wear and tear, but you will also be able to save some space in the van.

5.    Now, a tricky part of the removal process is the bed. The first thing to take care of here is, obviously, the mattress. This needs to be cleaned thoroughly with a vacuum cleaner and ideally, spray disinfectant. The mattress should then be wrapped in plastic and moved out to the van, where it can be put up against the wall, so that it will take up as little space as possible.

6.    Next, it's time to take apart the bed frame, wardrobe and, wherever possible, the nightstands. You will need a tool kit for this, and it would be best if you've kept the original manual. Do not forget to save all of the nuts, bolts and small parts in a box or bag, so that you won't have any trouble putting everything back together. Lastly, arrange all of the parts in a way that takes up a minimal amount of space and wrap them in plastic, or put them in boxes, clearly marked with their contents. Remember to separate the parts of each piece of furniture. This will make it easier to sort through everything later on.