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3 Eco-Friendly Ways to Get Rid of Used Moving Boxes

So you're done moving and unpacking - now what? You probably are wondering how to get rid of those piles of moving boxes you have used and are taking a lot of space in your new home. Before thinking about throwing those in the trash can, why not consider these great alternatives and help save the environment?
 Pick-up Services
Moving boxes that are still in good condition can still be very useful. That's why some businesses are willing to buy them at lower costs. This simply means extra money for you. These pick-up businesses may come over to your house and pay you depending on the number of boxes. They also buy packing paper so don't try to throw that away either.
Newspaper Ads and Websites
There are always people looking for moving boxes, so give out yours and help a mover and at the same time clear the clutter in your home. You can either advertize this on a local newspaper or list your name on sites that have special section for those looking for moving boxes.
Recycling Centers
More often than not, local communities have recycling centers. So, check if the waste management office in your area has policies on recycling. You may have to break down your boxes and pile them properly for easy pick up.