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What Size Of Removal Van Do I Need?

Whether you're moving out of a tiny bedsit or single office or whether you're moving out from a mansion or multi-story commercial building, everyone struggles to estimate the best size and capacity of removal van they'll need. Often you'll need to book your hire van before you've packed things down into boxes, so of course it's a tricky business. The best way if you're keen to do your own packing and loading is to take a look at the different sizes and types of van available to you. Because the larger the vehicle the more restrictions on who is licensed to drive them, we will not be looking too closely at the larger heavy duty trucks that most removal firms can provide with a driver.Compact VanThis is great if you've got very little to move. Although small, they are surprisingly spacious on the inside and some even allow the front passenger seat to fold down for more space. These are relatively new in the last few years, so some older hire firms may not stock them. On the plus side, fuel consumption is lower than most other removal vans and so they are cheap to run. They can normally hold about 500kg-600kg and, to give you idea, they are based on being half-way between a car and small van. Small VanA size up from the compact van, this has a larger capacity and is ideal for carting around packing boxes and a utility machine or two like a fridge. This are very popular with van hire firms and so you'll have no problem getting hold of one. What's essentially great about them is their user-friendliness. They are in total about the size of a medium-large car and they even drive like one, but they are very spacious and are designed to give maximum loading space. They can hold about 600kg-800kg of goods, making them a heavier duty vehicle than most cars and the compact van. Medium sized Panel VansWhilst offering more space, these vans are still within the range of medium-large cars in terms of length and width, which makes them an easier and friendly drive for you. The closed in panel sides also offer security for your goods. These hire vehicle offers about 5-6 cubic metres and can carry a little more weight than the small vans. These are incredibly practical vans and are available from most removal van hire firms.Long Wheel Based Vans and Extra Long Wheel Based Vansthe normal long wheel based van (or LWB as some firms call them) are ideal if you've got large items, long items or a collectively heavy load to move as it can carry about 1400kg-1600kg. They can over about 9 cubic metres of loading space and can also provide a height of 3.5m which is ideal if you have some taller items to move.  To the larger size, you'll need to be a touch more careful on the roads when taking bends. It'll be helpful to also be extra careful to tie down all items inside as any loose items will definitely be affected by bends and bumps. You can also get XLWBs (extra long), which are longer but can't handle as much weight as the normal LWB. This is due to the wheels being further apart from each other, but the 4m length of loading space and on average 13.5 cubic metres of space is ideal for those wanting to move longer or larger items that can be kept within 1400kg.All of these are some of the more popular hire van sizes that are currently available from most removal van hire companies. Although there are larger available you may have to also hire a driver with them. Hire firms are always happy to assist with choosing a van, so call them and ask questions as which of these vans might be best for you.