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Utilizing Space When Packing for a Holiday

Packing for a holiday is most successful and stress-free when you plan things in advance, prepare a list and find ways to utilize space efficiently. Deciding what you are going to pack should be based on the type of holiday, its length and your finances. If you don't want to pay for overweight luggage, or you simply prefer to travel light with just a hand luggage, there are a few tips to follow. The original purpose of the suitcase was a bag for packing suits, but nowadays you can pack all sorts of things. Proper packing saves space, weight and therefore money. There are some easy ways to pack light and fast. First of all, prepare a list in advance - clothing, toiletries, electronics. This allows you to decide what you need exactly and whether you have to buy anything. Place your largest pieces of clothing on the bottom of the suitcase - skirts, pants, jackets form the basis of the luggage. Put socks around the edges of the bag. If you are carrying fragile items, pack them inside the socks to prevent damage and to save some space. Put your shirts and tops as a second layer. If you want to keep them less wrinkled, don't fold, but roll them. Fold shirts and pants neatly to avoid wrinkling. Fill up small nooks with undergarments. Put the lighter clothes on the top - nightwear, scarves, etc. Pack toiletries in zippered bags or plastic bags and put them on top of your luggage too for an easier access. If you have to travel long to reach your destination you will probably need some of your things sooner than others - toothbrush, chargers and so on. If you are travelling with hand luggage only, it's good to use a bag which has front pockets. You can put fragile items there - jewelry and other small accessories have to be packed in small bags, so they don't rattle. Keep your documents and money locked inside the bag. Don't put them in front or side pockets which can easily be opened. In order to pack light and have enough space, take as little as possible. This will allow you to shop freely and add more items to your luggage when returning. The easiest space saver is a vacuum packed bag. Invest in a few of them if you have more luggage to carry than you can fit inside your bag. Make use of all the space inside the bag and if possible wear your bulkiest items. You can't fit a big coat inside the bag? Wear it on you and take it off on the plane. You can do the same with heavy accessories (belts, watches) and cameras. If you will be able to do laundry at the place where you are going, don't take your whole wardrobe. Travelling light is extremely convenient; it allows you much more freedom of movement. A smart way of utilizing space is not taking with you some essentials and purchasing them at the duty-free shops. This includes heavier items and liquids: deodorants, perfumes, books. If you have to take with you some products, choose only travel-sized ones. Always try to leave some room in your luggage or the bag could easily tear. Having some extra space for souvenirs and gifts is much more reasonable than stuffing your bag with everything you could fit inside. A way to control how much you take is by choosing to travel with a smaller bag - this will restrict you from taking too much even if you want to.