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Tips for Moving Your Dogs

Transporting your dogs on moving day is not as easy as you might think. In order to lessen your burden, there are a few things to consider.   * Keep your Dog inside One Room   Empty all contents in one room of your house a day before your moving day. Use this room to keep your dog. See to it that all the doors and windows are closed. By this manner you know the dog is safe. This will also be important for you to know where to find it when it is time to move. Let the moving crew know where the dog is so that they do not let it out by mistake.   * Feed Your Dog   Feed your dog as you normally would. But try not to feed it as moving day approaches. If you do, your dog may become ill when travelling especially on a long distance trip.   * Hand over the Responsibility   Hand over the responsibility for the dog to one family member. That person should know how your dog is doing and where your dog is every time you should look for it.   * Provide Them a Blanket   Provide your dog with an old jumper or blanket which smells like your old house. This will make your dog feel more secure and warm if it gets cold.   If you follow the tips above, your move to your new home will be less stressful not only for you but for your dog as well.