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The Advantages of Hiring Man and Van Services

Relocation has and always will be a difficult, time-consuming and costly process. Whether you’re moving house, changing offices, or evening moving an entire business, trying to balance cost, efficiency and safety is quite the juggling act.
Removal companies are excellent for simplifying the process. Having a team with a large vehicle on hand to help facilitate a move makes life a lot easier, especially as a team brings a wealth of training and experience to the table; experience in moving bulky furniture, in loading and unloading vehicles and containers safely and efficiently, and so on. Such service comes at a price, however, and for small-scale moves – perhaps a single tenant moving into or out of a property – it seems altogether unnecessary. Not to mention the impersonal nature of the transaction, which is always a factor when dealing with larger businesses.

All of the above could be avoided through hiring a van. This would allow one to facilitate a move fairly independently, simplifying the whole process and reducing the cost by a great deal, since van hire companies tend to offer extremely flexible rates, allowing you to hire by the hour, overnight, for a month and so on. Again, though, there are issues: do you have experience loading, unloading and driving such vehicles? Are you even legally able to drive them? Pickup and drop off points must also be considered: is hiring a van going mean extra journeys to collect and return the vehicle itself, one of which will be one-way?

Enter “the man.”
Hiring Man and Van services is altogether far more advantageous for anyone looking to facilitate a small-to-medium scale move, such as office removals, which would require moving furniture of some description. Whilst more costly than simply hiring the van, man and van services remain much lower in price than larger removal companies, and still come with such advantages as experience and training. They also help to avoid a number of logistical challenges, since the vehicle isn’t so large and the man driving it is bound to be very familiar with it.

Many might want to opt for removal services anyway, since they bring a reputation as well as resources, but what are online ratings and recommendations for if not to help you find the best service for the job? This goes for man and van groups, too, and hiring based on a recommendation – whether it be from a friend or the internet – adds an extra layer of reassurance and security to your choice. Any driver with a verified history of timely, safe and efficient operations is a pretty safe bet when it comes to entrusting one’s belongings when moving house, or even company property and furniture in an office removal. In short, hiring a friendly man and his van for a job can be easily as efficient taking on the services of a large-scale removal company, but will generally involve only a fraction of the hassle. The ability to deal with the bare minimum number of people whilst still benefiting from additional manpower, training and experience makes the man and van the ideal choice when it comes to small-medium-sized moves.