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Storage containers over a removal company

There are a number of benefits to using a storage container over a removal company, and as a result more people are choosing to use a storage container to help them move home.  Removal companies offer a number of services for you, are able to do things like your packing and moving for you, and are experienced and highly professional, however, this all comes with additional charges, and if these charges higher than the budget you have in place for your move, you may not be able to afford these services.Think of a storage container as a mid-way point between doing everything yourself and hiring a removal company with all their benefits to do it for you. How does a storage container work?You need to contact a portable storage container company, they will deliver to you (often the next day) a storage container and place it somewhere like your front garden.  In your own time, you fill this container with your belongings and all the things you want to move to your new property with you.  Once the container is full you then contact the company, they will usually have another container on standby for you.  The portable storage container company will then arrange to collect your storage container and transport it to the new property for you. This process continues until you are fully packed, have gotten rid of anything you do not want or need, and have arranged storage for any belongings that you cannot accommodate in your new property, but do not want to get rid of. There are a number of benefits to using this type of service over a removal company or doing the whole things yourself.  See the following advantages and ask yourself if any of these would help you in your current circumstances?•    If you are selling your home, this is the ideal way to de-clutter and make the house look presentable.  The golden rule when you put your property up for sale is that the house should look tidy and clean and should be clutter and mess free, to enable potential buyers to see the potential within the property.  A storage container is the ideal way to do this as it is secured so your belongings are safe, and they are completely out of the way (rather than stored in a musty garage or attic).•    If you are in the situation where not all of your belongings will fit into your new property and will therefore need to be stored, or you need to move into your new property over a few months and so need some things to be kept for you, then storage containers are the ideal solution.  When you use a removal firm or storage firm to store your belongings, your stuff is physically handled by the staff there, who unload your belongings from a van and into a warehouse.  Storage containers are safer as you fill the container and lock it up, and the container itself is stored, meaning nobody else has to handle your actual things. •    You can pack and unpack at your own pace.  If you have a few weeks to move home and want to start packing things up slowly and at your own pace rather than have a mad rush a week or two before the move, storage containers are ideal.  Furthermore, if your new property is being renovated, or is having some work done on it, you can unpack as and when the work gets finished, rather than using a removals company and having your house full of boxes and belongings that could get damaged while the work is being carried out.