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Quick Tips to Be sure You're Ready to Move in Your First Apartment

At last, you have found the perfect apartment to move into. You probably couldn't wait to experience that first taste of independence. Everything has been polished with the landlord and moving day is almost here, but are you really ready to move in? Play it safe and see if everything is taken care of. 
You are ready to move in if:
You have arranged for the disconnection and reconnection of your utilities - There is nothing more frustrating than arriving in your first flat with the basic utilities turned off. There are many things you can live without but utilities are not one of them.
A rental truck has been booked - Contact moving companies 4 weeks prior moving day to ensure availability.
Change-of-address notification has been sent - Be sure to inform the post office as well as the companies you are subscribed to about the changes in your address. Don't forget to inform them when your moving date is so they can forward your mails at the right address.
You have packed a necessity box - You may not have tons of possessions to unpack, but having the basics available is sure a convenience in this very busy time.
The money for the first month's and deposit's payment is ready - Find out exactly how much you owe the landlord. Be sure to ask your due date to avoid late payments.
The lease agreement has been checked - Before you arrange your furniture, make a quick review of your lease agreement. Remember apartment policies and abide by them.