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Packing Your More Delicate Items For A Damage Free House Removal

When it comes to house removals, one of the most stressful parts is ensuring that nothing that you own is going to get broken. The fact of the matter is, there will be points during the move that you don’t have control over the way in which the boxes are treated, so you will need to ensure that you get your items packed in a way that will be protective of the individual items, no matter how much the box is bashed around. Of course, if a box is dropped, then it is unlikely that everything will survive inside, but given that this is pretty rare, you will no doubt find that packing your items well is still completely essential. There are a few steps to ensuring that your packing makes your removals easy and cost effective, so have a look through them before you pack everything up for the removal van.1.    Get your equipment ready. You will no doubt understand that you need to have boxes and tape ready, but there are many things that need to be in place before you start packing. Failure to have enough of certain materials will really get in the way of the packing process, as it tends to be that you will wait until you next go out to pick things up again. So, have plenty of tape on you, as well as newspapers, some bubble wrap, tissue paper, and lots of marker pens. Using too much bubble wrap is expensive in that the stuff costs a bomb in the first place, and its thickness also takes up a lot more room in the box than necessary, so you need to be sure that you only use it on items that really need it, like thinner, more delicate glassware.2.    When you are packing, try to plan so that you are not doing so for too long at any one time. If you let yourself get into a position where you need to pack for long hours, because you are nearing the move date, then you are much more likely to get tired and bored, and lose concentration, which will inevitably result in failure to pack well! This can mean that you allow things to go unprotected, and you will only really realize the consequences when it is too late! Try to reduce your packing sessions to one or two hours at a time, taking a decent break to watch TV or read a book in between.3.    Wrap individual items up in a way that you see fit, so that everything is protected in a way that will prevent them rubbing together or shattering on each other. The jittering nature of the van journey will mean that things resettle in the boxes, and this is where things can be damaged the most. Ceramics can mark each other with nasty dark lines, as you may have seen form stacking them in cupboards, so be sure to put a sheet of newspaper between plates and bowls. You may find that newspaper marks certain surfaces as well, so it is well worth looking at using tissue paper if you are concerned.4.    Take your time. It may feel like the packing could not be over sooner, but allowing for things to be packed less perfectly will mean that you are serious risk of everything going dangerously wrong! You will need to be sure to mark down the contents of what is inside on each box, which will mean that the boxes are treated with the respect that they deserve by the domestic removals men, or the driver from your removals van hire.