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Packing Tips for Easy and Enjoyable Relocation

 Relocation, whether it's across the street or across the continent, can be extremely stressful, hectic and frustrating. And a surefire way to avoid that is by following a systematic packing procedure that will not only make the task easy but also enjoyable. Below, are tried and tested tips you can follow to make the packing and relocating less chaotic.
Begin by sorting out important items to bring. Let go of the things you no longer need. You can either discard them or donate them. If the item has some monetary value, you may organize a garage sale to get some money as well.
 Pack rarely used or seasonal items first. These include the items that you won't need between now and your relocation date. Ideally, you may start packing in basement or the attic.
Pack room by room. The last rooms to be packed should be the bedroom or dining room as there are many bits and pieces of items in these areas.
Separate fragile items to non-fragile items. Don't forget to label the boxes with breakable items so you know which boxes to pay close attention to.
Ask for help. Moving is a big job and you will definitely need a helping hand from some friends or relatives to finish on time. You could also use these moments as an opportunity to bond with them.