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Moving Out: A Beginning of a New Life

Moving out is one of best experiences left for man to see and be part of. It is a chance to start anew as it certainly has a measure of new beginning on its own. In fact, moving out can be characterized as the gate towards which you must enter to begin new life.
Of course, that's the ideal way of viewing it. Then there's the stress of it all. Missing items, left and right, a hodgepodge of items lying around, which you don't even know why you bought them and now have nowhere to keep them, all of these can make your moving out into a terrible experience.
So how can you go around this?
You don't necessarily get to buy the homes, and then move in later during the day. Renovations are done right after the buying process and often the new house is left alone for days. Right after buying your house, start packing the things you'd keep. By now, you should've known the right places to put these on the new place, as you don't buy a house without examining it first.
With these measurements, you are now set to go. One thing at a time though. You don't need to rush things if there's really no deadline to pursue. So start moving out early, but in easy enough pace. This way, you'll get to conserve your energy and keep the annoying stress away.