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Moving Methods that Fit Your Needs, Time and Budget

In order to choose the right moving company, first decide what kind of move you want to execute. Regardless if you are moving a home, business or an entire office, you certainly will find options suitable to your needs, schedule and budget.
Full Service Move
This type of move is ideal for people who have very a busy schedule. If you hire moving companies for a full service move, they will take care of every aspect of the move. Movers will provide packing supplies, pack up your stuff and load them into the truck. Once you reach your destination, they will also help unload and set up items in your new home. Full service move is the easiest but most expensive type of move. Nevertheless, if you don't mind spending extra to avoid the hassles of moving, this option may be the best thing for you.  
Self Service Move
In a self-service move, you as the customer, pack your belongings and use a moving company only when it is time to transport the boxes. You will have to collect various sizes of boxes and other packing supplies for this task. If you want to ensure the security of your fragile and expensive items, you may also hire movers to pack them professionally. This option is less expensive than the previous option. Self service move is also the most preferred moving method for household relocations.
Do-it-yourself Move
This moving option is the cheapest as it does not require labor of movers. In this method, you are responsible for packing your possessions, renting a truck and driving to your new home. If you are willing to pay a bit extra, you may request the assistance of movers in loading, unloading or assembling your items.