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Moving house temporarily: How to prepare

For whatever reason, you’re moving into temporary accommodation, more and more people are resorting to renting somewhere on a temporary basis, as the process of buying a house becomes more complicated, things can go wrong and often people need somewhere to live whilst in the process of finding somewhere else. So, if you find yourself in a situation where you need to move into a temporary home, read this guide first to find out how to prepare. Packing upAlthough you won’t be moving into the temporary home forever, it still needs to be comfortable, and there is little need to pack and unpack all of your belongings. Whilst you’re in the new home, a lot of your stuff could go into storage, which also makes a furnished rental accommodation a possibility. Whilst packing and organising it’s important to remember to minimise clutter, a new home equals a new start, and not being even the slightest bit ruthless with your belongings only makes the move that bit more stressful. Once many items are safely stowed in storage, you are also able to better see what you have, and pack with less stress and stuff, for a much simpler and smooth move. Settling inWhilst you’re settling in it is common to be confused as to whether this is home or not. The bare feel of the home can be a harsh reminder of the temporary nature of the move, whereas with all your belongings moving in, you can often forget that you’re not here forever. You’re also probably doing plenty of trips to and from storage centres and family and friend’s homes locating all of your stuff. Whilst settling in, it is important to treat the house like a home, no matter how temporary. It can be rather unsettling to feel the imminent upheaval concerned with a temporary move, so allowing yourself to settle in somewhat can really help with your mood overall, helping you settle in at work quickly and allowing you to enjoy however long you have in the house. Moving onEven though it is wise to become comfortable in your new home, you don’t want to lose sight of why you are there. All too often, people living in temporary homes spend too long in the house instead of moving on, simply as it is easier than causing so much upheaval and often simply because they have grown comfortable in the home. Don’t forget to look for homes, chase papers and overall, keep your eye on the future benefit of a temporary home, to act as a house between moving from one place to another. Getting too comfortable in the temporary house will only cause personal and financial trouble in the future. Moving OutThe day is finally here, you’ve found the perfect place to live, the contracts are signed, finds are exchanged and you’re ready to move out of the temporary home. By now you should be an expert in moving, although familiarity can often make us lazy and less organised. It is important to keep structured and in a routine, as rented homes often have strict deadlines for moving out, as well as high standards expected for deposits to be returned. Pack up the home in plenty of time and order vans for early in the day. Moving out of a temporary home means you need plenty of time not just to unpack at the other end, but to check for lost boxes or stray items at the old house. It is also important to take advantage of that storage space if needed, however, you should ensure you move out and cancel the storage ASAP – too often it is simply kept as a dumping ground to be forgotten about.