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Moving Home - Tasks on Arrival

Getting the keys to your new house can be an exciting time for all involved. Putting the keys into your new front door feels like the rewards for an arduous moving process which will inevitably have left you tired, both emotionally and physically. Unfortunately the work doesn't stop there, and things aren't quite done yet. While the boxes may have been delivered there are a few things to do before you begin unpacking, just to make sure the property is as you expected and wanted. 1.    Check the place is clearWhile it is rare, some sellers will leave unwanted property behind thinking it is easier than disposing of it themselves. If this is the case, and there have been items left that you do not have a use for, then call the Estate Agent immediately. If the seller is unwilling to remove the items themselves then they will usually have to pay for a skip or other such method of disposal to be put outside of your new property.2.    Check the place is cleanDid you agree a pre-move clean with the agent, or book on yourself? A fresh home is a fresh start, and a lot of people like to make sure their new place is sparkling before the start unpacking boxes. Check you are happy with the level of cleanliness and if not, contact the relevant parties or set to work yourself. 3.    Inspect for damageThis is done for one of two reasons, or both. There may be some small knocks or marks that you may want to take care of quickly to help the aesthetics, but there also may be some greater damage that is a result of recklessness, or structural issues that may not have been obviously aware when the house was not empty. For instance cracks in walls are not a problem unless they grow in size. Take some pictures of anything that doesn't look quite right so you have a point of reference in future. 4.    Take meter readings and call them throughYou may already have plans in place for another provided to take over supply of your new property's gas and electricity supply, but even still you will want to take immediate meter readings and call them through to the current supplier as a swap usually takes a couple of weeks. Doing this straight away ensures there is no period of ambiguity between the old residents leaving and you moving in, as well as keeping you up to date with all your bills. 5.    Designate roomsLet the kids pick their rooms before they unpack; make decisions on which will be the office and which the dining room. It will be easier to shift boxes than a whole host of individual items later, so think about things properly before making a final decision.6.    Meet the neighboursYou will probably choose to unpack first, but taking the time to meet your new neighbours will help the place feel like home much quicker by establishing a sense of community. Breaking the ice is much easier when you are moving in, and things will only get more awkward the longer you leave it. It can also be helpful to arrange road access for unloading in advance or even tout for a bit of help if you meet some nice, generous new people!