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Things that Commercial Tenants Should Avoid

Renting a commercial property can be treacherous especially when the articles in your lease are specified vaguely. As a tenant you should always determine who would be responsible for repairs and if you will get compensation when you improve something in the area. Also, when you wish to improve or alter the area, inform the landlord beforehand. You also have to know if you are allowed to make alterations and if they will affect the rent that you would have to pay.
Since commercial establishment relies on the aesthetic appearance of their area in order to attract customers, repairs and alterations are unavoidable. In signing the lease, clarify the terms when it comes to making repairs and alterations. Some landlords grant a discount when you make some improvement while some do not. Also, when the initial agreement of your lease was done orally, you have  to exert the effort to put it into papers and have it legalized since it can lead to technicalities in the future. Repair and alterations must be agreed by both parties and stated clearly in the terms of the lease. Your questions and your clarification should be voiced out because it can cause confusion on your part.