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How To Move Your Electronic Equipment

Of all of the things that you need to move into your new home, your electronic equipment can cause the most stress and worry. Your flat-screen television, computer tower, computer monitor and music systems can all difficult to lift, hard to pack up and expensive to replace! This can make moving your electronic items an absolute nightmare. If you’re looking to keep your electronics safe on moving day then have a look at these helpful hints, tips and tricks!1)    Use the original boxes.Holding on to the boxes that your electronic items come in is always a great idea, and if you still have the original packaging from your electronic equipment then now is the time to dig it out! The original boxes are fantastic for moving your items because they’ve been specifically designed to be the perfect size and be able to carry the exact amount of weight. Make sure that the boxes haven’t been weakened since you first purchased them, and take the time to reinforce and strengthen any weak parts of the boxes with a thick packing tape. 2)    Purchase packing boxes.You can purchase packing and moving boxes that are designed for lots of different types of electronic equipment. If you don’t have the original boxes then you can purchase a box that’s designed for the purpose that you need. Boxes for flat-screen televisions and monitors can be purchased either online or from your local packing suppliers. Try to avoid using second-hand boxes as these are not only going to be the wrong shape, but they might be too weak and break on moving day! 3)    Buy the right packing materials.Don’t spare any expense when it comes to your packing materials. Foam packing peanuts, bubble-wrap and plastic padding are all going to come in very useful if you have electronic equipment! Shop around for the best deals both online and in your local packing suppliers to ensure that you’re getting a good deal. Packing materials can and will keep your electronics safe. Make sure that they’re well-wrapped (especially the screens) and pad out the box too for the best level of protection. 4)    Employ the help of friends.If your electronic items are heavy or wall-mounted then don’t attempt to move them on your own. It doesn’t take much for you to stumble or lose your grip, and you might be faced with thousands of pounds worth of damages! Ask for help when you need it – it could save you a fortune! 5)    Use proper lifting techniques.Take lots of care when lifting boxes that contain electronics. Label them carefully and clearly so everyone helping you move knows that they’re both heavy and fragile. Always lift heavy items with your legs to avoid injuring your back, and take your time when carrying heavy boxes so that you aren’t going to trip or fall! 6)    Hire professional help.If you’re really concerned about how to pack, load and unload your valuable electronics then you might want to hire a professional removal company. Movers from companies will have the experience, the strength and the patience that you might need for your move, and if you feel as though this is the best option for you then try to shop around for a great-value removal company. Some companies will even be able to offer you insurance on your items if you’re looking for that extra peace of mind!