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How to Avoid Being Locked Out of Your New Home after Moving House

Buying and moving to a new home makes people so excited that they are often forgetting important things. They are really distracted from the all joy of the new place that is fact and for which they have wished for so long.

Loading and unloading different things on the vans and from them, people coming in and going out all the time creates such mess and disorder, that in this situation very ridiculous things are happening. When a group of two or three persons go out of the house, everyone expects that someone else has taken the key for the front door. And what happens when this is actually not true - you close the door and you have to understand that none of you have the key. So you will be locked out for hours, and the most unpleasant part is that in the new city you will have no one to call, who will bring a spare key in few minutes.

  When you are going to a new place and you still have no friends to relay on, you have to secure the situation yourself. You have not know the neighborhood well enough, so you have to be very careful where you put this special key and who sees you doing that. Thus you will avoid becoming a victim of robbery from the first few days of your new life.

  If you do not want to break the door every time you stay out locked call the locksmith on the next day after your arrival. When you have already ordered your spare key and you have it ready, you may start to wonder where the best place to put it is.

  What will make the situation really easier is when you change all the locks after you arrive. Usually all new owners do that, because you can never be sure for the story of the previous owner and who may also have a key for your nice new home. Only when you do that it will be great if you choose locks which are all opened by the key. This way you do not have to make too many spare keys for every different lock in your place.

  As soon as you feel sure enough for your neighborhood, give one of the spare keys you have made to your closest neighbor. Give another copy to a college or leave it at the office in your desk if you have no one you  can trust on at work.

  In case you have not still found people who deserved your trust, you should buy a fake rock for the first few weeks or months. You have to place the key inside and hide the rock well in the garden. You should make sure it is not easily visible, because it will surely be different from the other rocks and it is amongst the first things a thief will look in your property. Be sure you remember where you are putting this rock, because otherwise you will be searching the garden for hours.

  You also have to have a spare wireless key for the garage, because the doors there often refuse to open. You can put a key in the electrical panel and lock it with a combination lock. Another idea is to use the heavy duty contractor’s box to a gas pipe and put it there. Use less places like the mailbox, under the planter, on the window mat or inside the glove box of the car. They are very popular and people with bad intentions will be looking there when they want to break inside your house.