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Guidelines On How To Pack Fragile Items Safely

One of the biggest challenges when moving is to pack fragile items. Apparently, this can be mind-numbing especially if you will perform the packing job all by yourself. To help you keep your fragile items safe during the move, you are provided with relevant packing guidelines in the following lists:
  Large framed items, wall decorative and paintings. These cannot be contained in a box. Hence, you can just simply wrap using bubble-wrap. These items should be separated from other packed boxes because they can easily get damaged once a heavy box falls on them.
  Computer monitors and T.V.: These items are easy to pack if you still have the original packing. If you have already thrown them however, you have no other choice but to wrap them with dust covers or in sheets with some padding to keep them safe during the travel. Then, load them once the other boxes were already loaded.
  Dishes and ornaments. These little fragile items will double your effort to keep them safe from breaking. You can use polystyrene bead lined boxes to keep them safe. You can also use white newsprint paper to serve as buffers to further ensure the safety of your fragile stuffs.
Packing your things carefully is very helpful to prevent any possible breaking. But to further ensure their safety, you should ask someone to give an eye to these items while being moved.