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Getting Quotes from Removal Companies: What to Ask for?

If you’ve done it before, then you are probably well aware of how stressful moving can be. Although actually finding your dream home and sourcing the funds for a deposit may be the more stressful part, the logistics of moving is not a walk in the park. On top of all the stress of packing, transporting all your worldly belongings can cost you dearly. Unless you are moving locally and do not have that many possessions to transport, then hiring a Man with a Van probably isn’t the option for you. As most of these services only provide a 3.5 tonne moving van, and charge by the hour, Man and Van services tend to be only of financial benefit if you aren’t the owner of a shed-load of items and you don’t have very far to move. Another option would be to hire out your own vehicle to drive yourself. This can work out as a cheap option if you are moving miles and miles away from your old home. However, to do this you will, needless to say, need a driving license and, on top of that, you must possess a certain level of driving confidence. Most of us will require a 7.5 tonne van, and if you haven’t driven one of those before, be aware that is a whole different beast from a standard sized car or even a 4-by-4.If the conditions above exclude you from both hiring a Man and Van Service and hiring a vehicle to drive yourself, then your only other option, unless you are already owner of a giant vehicle, is to hire out the services for a removal company. These are somewhat expensive, but for that price, you’ll receive an excellent, professional service that will take all your items out of your house, load them onto the van, and then unload them when you reach your new house. Like with almost every other industry, some companies will be better than others. When surfing the internet or ringing round for quotes, remember to ask these questions: 1)    Check if their availability coincides with yoursThis should be the first thing you ask: getting price quotes or any other information will all be for nothing if they are all booked up on the day you plan to move. 2)    Ask for the price of their serviceThis is, of course, the most important question. The price of the service – if you are working to a budget – will most likely be the deciding factor in what company you chose. What price they give you will depend on a variety of factors – where you are moving from and to, how many items you have to transport etc. Their prices can range from anywhere from £120 to £1500.3)    Ask for discounts or dealsAs so many removal companies are in operation no matter where you live in the country, many will offer removal discounts in order to promote their business or to keep their cash flow at a steady level. 4)    Ask for an insurance policyIf you have a lot of fragile, valuable items to transport then it is much advised to take out an insurance policy with your removal company. Most removal companies, especially the more experienced ones, will offer their customers an insurance policy. Breaks, bruises and damages inevitably when you have to move heavy boxes full of possessions up stairs, round corners and whatnot. It’s better to be safe than sorry.So there you have it – let this be a simple and brief guide on how to pick a removal company by finding the best quote.