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Fulfil Your Responsibilities as a Tenant and Get Your Bond Whole

If you are simply renting a house or an apartment, it doesn't mean that you already free from any responsibility when you move. Even though moving will require you to rush things, you still need to take a pause to fulfil the things you are ought to do as a tenant. The truth is that if you try to escape from your responsibilities as a tenant, you will not also be able to get your bond back in your hands.   So then, if you are planning to make a move, make sure to inform you landlord prior to your targeted date. Failure to do this will cost you an amount for your penalty.  Of course, it is also part of your responsibility to make a thorough cleaning of the place-from top to bottom. Some landlord will require you to pay for a cleaning fee if you fail to do this. It is also important that you do the necessary repairs in your rented place. You cannot deny that some things inside have been damaged during your stay in the vicinity. So if you want to get your bond whole, you should ask someone to help you fix out the repairs.   Now, once you were able to fulfil all of your responsibilities as a tenant, you can then face your landlord to get your bond, which you can use to buy new furniture or as a part of your down payment on your new home.