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10 Golden Tips on Moving With Children

When a family is relocating, everyone is stressed. Children are especially vulnerable to the overall chaos because they don't fully understand the reasons for the noise and mess and strange people and places. Don't allow yourself to forget to take care of how your children endure the moving process. The tips below will help you with that. Still, the best advice for moving with children is to keep them away and send them to stay with a friend or family member until the move is over. However, if that's not possible, get prepared and keep reading.  

1. Sit down and explain the whats and ifs of moving to the children
Find the right time and approach to speak with the children about the upcoming move. Explain why, when and where are you moving. Present the events as adventurous, so the children start looking forward to the relocation. Let them ask all their questions, and answer honestly.

2. Ask the children to pack their own things
Tell the children that they are old enough to take care of their own possessions, even if they are not. Show them how to pack properly, and help them do it. This way they won't feel like you are taking their things away from them.

3. Take some time to show the new place and neighbourhood to the children
Take the children to the new residence at least once before moving day. Show them their rooms, the rest of the place, the school or kindergarten, the nearest playground, and everything else that they will find interesting.

4. Organise a farewell party for your children and their friends
Friends have been a huge part of the children's life so far. Especially if the children are young, they might not have a memory of how they met and became friends. Organise a nice small children's party, for everyone to have fun, and your children to feel special.

5. If the children are young, avoid refurnishing their rooms
Young children would adjust to the new environment much more quickly if you use all their old furniture. Make some effort and paint and decorate their new room to be very much like their previous one. They shouldn't have problems falling asleep or staying alone from the very beginning because of the familiar atmosphere.

6. If the children are teenagers let them equip their new rooms
You can make the teenagers eager to move into a new place by letting them decorate and choose furniture for their new room. Don't criticise their taste, even if you hate it! They will eventually outgrow it, and in the meantime you will have saved yourself a headache.

7. Unpack the children's rooms entirely as soon as possible
To make young children feel that the new residence is home right away, make their room entirely ready as soon as you can.

8. Have the children's favourite toys with you all the time
Leave their favourite toys, books, cups, and so on unpacked and just stuff them into a big bag for the time of the travel, so the children can have them whenever they want.

9. Introduce the movers to the children
Whether you are using professionals or help from friends, introduce all of the movers to the children, so the little ones don't feel completely surrounded by strangers on moving day.

10. Let the children help
Try to make the children part of the moving process, but don't let them get in anyone's way. How is that possible? It's simple - give the children little tasks under adult supervision. Sweeping the empty rooms, taping the moving boxes (without scissors!) and serving soda and cookies during the breaks are some good ideas.